Your reef friendly sun factor can help save your environment

Surely by now, you know just how important it has become to save your local environment, if not that, then that of the entire planet. By now you should know that your modest impression on your local environment potential does long-lasting, if not, irreversible harm to a far more fragile eco-system on the other side of the planet that you would not normal consider sparing a thought. But perish this thought if you dare.

The moment you get up in the morning and the moment you step into your bathroom to diligently and hygienically prepare yourself for the rest of the day, you are already doing grievous bodily harm if you will. It is in the toothpaste you are using, and it is in the silky skin lotion and sun factor you are applying religiously to your skin. Your regular toothpaste is loaded with harmful micro-fibers that are unseen and are washed away into the ocean’s waters.

Some of the skin care lotions are still chemically imbalanced if you will. Loaded with harmful chemicals, there are still extenuating factors that do long-lasting damage to the earth’s flora and fauna. The sunscreen that you remembered to apply, even if it was a cold and overcast day, is also doing its devastating damage. Now this damage is devastating because your sunscreen is harming one of the world’s most essential and yet fragile eco-systems.

With reef friendly sunscreen you can quickly nip this dangerous problem in the bud. Surely by now you have heard, or read, that the earth’s coral reefs are facing extinction if not urgently checked. Your modest contribution in making the above suggested purchase could just start reversing the precarious effects.

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