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Conversation Questions

Community Conversation #1
  1. Readiness and Timeliness: When are the critical transition junctures in which Wounded Warriors need resources and support? When are Wounded Warriors most receptive to these resources and supports?
  2. Resources and Supports That Work: What are the resources and supports reported to be effective in supporting transition to civilian life and to beginning college?
  3. Filling in the Gaps: What improvements are needed in the systems to support transition to civilian life and to beginning college?
  4. Getting the Word Out: How do you market STEM opportunities to people in the military before they transition to civilian life?
  5. Dreams and Goals: How can STEM degrees and careers be more achievable?

Community Conversation #2
  1. Veteran Friendly: What is “veteran friendly” and how do we make it real?
  2. Recruitment and Visibility: How can public institutions increase recruitment and visibility in military communities?
  3. Sticking with It: What can higher education do to help Wounded Warriors achieve STEM degrees? What types of information, supports, accommodations, or programs are needed?
  4. Getting Faculty Up to Speed: What do faculty need to know about engaging Wounded Warriors in their courses?
  5. Getting Creative: While understanding the restraints of funding and space, think outside the box. What can be done by higher education faculty/staff/administrators to help Wounded Warriors succeed in their STEM education?

Community Conversation #3
  1. Leadership: In what ways do military leadership and experiences translate into STEM careers?
  2. Advantages for STEM Industry: How do STEM fields benefit from veterans in their workforce?
  3. Making Connections: In what ways can STEM industry and higher education collaborate to ease the transition for veterans?
  4. Getting Employers Up to Speed: What do STEM employers need to know about recruiting and employing veterans? Wounded Warriors?
  5. Getting the Job: What information and supports are needed to assist Wounded Warriors in the transition from college to career?