What is a Wounded Warrior?

General Definition: Wounded Warriors are soldiers or veterans who have a disability that either resulted from injury or disease received in the line of duty as a direct result of armed conflict, or was caused by an instrumentality of war and was incurred in the line of duty during a period of war as defined in section 101(11) of title 38, U.S.C.

There are many different WW programs in the federal government. The eligibility requirements of these programs vary, depending on the component and the types of services the program delivers (e.g., Career Counseling, Financial Advice, Medical Assistance).
Source: Department of the Army

What is STEM?

The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM fields are those academic and professional disciplines that fall under the umbrella areas represented by the acronym. According to both the United States National Research Council and the National Science Foundation, the fields are collectively considered core technological underpinnings of an advanced society. In many forums (including political/governmental and academic) the strength of the STEM workforce is viewed as an indicator of a nation's ability to sustain itself.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is the only American federal agency whose mission includes support for all fields of fundamental science and engineering, except for medical sciences.
Source: Wikipedia: STEM Fields

Did you know…

Veterans are returning from deployment with military training, experience with sophisticated technology, and often field engineering experience. The military has invested monetary resources in their training and veterans often have field-based accomplishments which should provide a smooth transition into science, technology, engineering, and math-based fields (STEM) upon their return from deployment.

  • However, veterans and post-secondary education do not uniformly understand how and when to connect the STEM experiences of military experience with a future career.
  • Furthermore, when the veteran has incurred a disability related to military experiences there are even more barriers to this transition.

Transition STEM: A Wounded Warriors Think Tank is an opportunity to bring together national leaders on supporting student-veterans with service-connected disabilities in STEM post-secondary education to problem-solve and plan for improving this transition.

The goal of this event is to produce a collective response to transition issues facing Wounded Warriors and identify recommendations for improved supports, policy, and funding.

"I’m only asking you to do what good units do—become learning organizations that improve continuously over time. The goal here is academic excellence and productivity for each student Veteran, earning—in the process—the respect of academicians for our Veterans as serious students, as having intellectual strengths, and as value-added to the college experiences of others."
- Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
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